Mathilde Hautereau-Boutonnet

Mathilde Hautereau Boutonnet

Mathilde Hautereau-Boutonnet is a Law professor at Aix-Marseille University. Member of the CERIC (UMR 7318 Aix-Marseille University / Pau/Toulon/CNRS « DICE » international, compared, european law), from a privatist background, she specializes in environmental Law. She is director of the Master of International and European Environmental Law in Aix-Marseille University with Prof. Estelle Brosset.

Author of numerous publications in this domaine, her work concerns the place of instruments and private actors, the role of the juge and the place of litigation in the protection of the environment. Member of the World commission of environmental law of UICN, she is also Codirector of the environmental Section of the Trans-Europe-Experts group. Today she’s directing the international research groupe JEL.


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